Tips To Create A Budding Coin Collector

Posted on: 11 May 2015

If you would like to get your kids interested in a fun new hobby, coin collecting can become not only a life-long passion for some, but an educational tool a well. When people think of coin collecting, they often think of buying expensive and rare coins that will be tucked away behind glass. While that is certainly part of the elite type of coin collecting, it need not be quite so complicated, and the coins need not be so valuable when it comes to your children. Here are some fun ways to get your kids into collecting coins.

American Coins

You may be surprised just what a wealth of unique American coins you have in your purse or wallet. The next time you sit down with your kids, start taking a close look at the coins you already have. You may find some very old pennies, Indian Head pennies, and other somewhat scarce coins still in circulation (and some of these can be valuable), such as:

These are just a few coins that are still in circulation. The next time you get change from a register, sift through it with your kids instead of just spending it. Set aside a special box for your finds, and your kids may become keen on discovering treasure in their own change.

Foreign Coins

You can get a lot of educational value from finding foreign coins. While you may not see these in circulation all that often, you may sometimes find Canadian pennies in your change jar, or you can have friends who travel the globe send you some coins. Again, you may be surprised just what coins you get back as change from a register – it could be a foreign coin that looked enough like an American one that a clerk simply didn't notice, and it gets passed onto the next customer.

Get a map and make a mark for every place where you have a coin from that area. This can be a fun geography lesson, and most kids find the foreign language and markings on the coins fascinating as well.

You can even purchase foreign coin sets as well, and these are often set handsomely and make a decorative piece as well as a lesson in global currency.

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