• Has Travel Become Your New Passion? 3 Benefits of Starting a Collection of Souvenir Mugs

    Traveling expands your world view, and visiting new places has an interesting way of inspiring people to take on new hobbies. During your adventures, you might have thought about what you can do to document your journeys. While some people use push pin maps or journals, you might be looking for something a little different. Starting a souvenir mug collection is a fun way to build memories of your travels, and you'll also find that you enjoy these benefits of picking up new ones to document the places that you visit.
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  • Do These Three Things When Investing In Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Jewelry

    Turquoise is a stone renowned for its beautiful color and distinctive patterns. The appearance and composition of turquoise can vary based on the place where it was formed. One of the more recognizable forms of turquoise is Sleeping Beauty turquoise, which is mined in Arizona. Sleeping Beauty turquoise is a beautiful sky blue color that pairs equally well with silver and gold. You can bring this beautiful stone home when you purchase a sterling silver cuff or watch made with Sleeping Beauty turquoise.
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  • Who Should Wear A Shungite Pendant?

    Shungite is a stunning, black stone known for its high carbon content. It is often formed into pendants that you can wear around your neck. These pendants look lovely, and they can pair with a wide array of outfits, thanks to the neutral color of shungite. However, looks are far from the only reason to wear a shungite pendant. To many, this stone also has a powerful meaning and beneficial qualities.
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