Thinking "Outside" The Box: 7 Great Outdoor Gifts

Posted on: 25 March 2015

Are you looking for a creative gift idea for someone? Think "outside" the box and get them something fun to use outside. Here are seven fantastic gifts you can give:

1. A hammock. Since these can hang in a tree or hang from a stand (depending on which kind you select), this is a great gift for anyone. Hammocks for sale can be used in the backyard, front yard, at the park or beach, camping. You can include a copy of a popular novel, too, if you want to gift a "complete package."

2. Volleyball equipment. Give someone a new net and a volleyball. This is particularly great if they have a yard, since it does take up a bit more space. The net folds small and sets up easily, though, so this gift can be taken elsewhere, too. 

3. A croquet set. You can find these from super cheap to high end, depending on what you want to spend. Croquet is great for people of all ages, since it doesn't require a lot of physical effort. It is a fun party game, too, since you can talk while playing. 

4. A beach umbrella. Make sure you select one that can stand on its own so that it can be used at ballgames, the pool, the beach, or even the yard. Some lay on their sides and have fabric pieces that stretch and pin to the ground, creating even more shade. 

5. Snorkel equipment. If the recipient lives near the beach or travels often, get them a snorkel set. Renting equipment can get expensive quickly, so owning your own can be really nice. If the person is primarily using the equipment while traveling, you can get them just the mask and the snorkel, since the fins can take up a lot of suitcase space. 

6. Bocce balls. Have you ever played Bocce? It is so fun and so simple. One player tosses a small ball out into the yard, then all the players try to throw their larger balls as close to it as possible. Anyone can play it, and the game is small and portable. 

7. A badminton set. You can get a net, too, but you don't need one to play. Definitely get extra shuttlecocks, though, since they get lost easily. 

These seven gifts will keep on giving, because they will encourage the recipient to enjoy the great gift of the outdoors regularly.