Looking For Zen: Items And Tips That Will Help You Meditate And Feel More At Peace

Posted on: 27 May 2016

If you are desperately trying to find a way to ease stress and be more at peace every day, meditation can help. However, it does not hurt to have a room wherein the furniture and objects foster a zen-like experience. Here are several objects you can add to a room (and some you should remove!) so that you have a quiet place to meditate and focus.

Tabletop Water Fountains

These decorative fountains bubble and gurgle like a brook. The noise is never too loud, but always soft and soothing like a little brook. When you cannot sit beside a little brook to meditate, then a tabletop fountain is the next best thing. Typically these operate on batteries or need to be plugged into the wall. If you like to meditate late at night or very early in the morning when it is still dark outside, then some of these fountains also come with a nightlight. You can find tabletop water fountains for sale at just about any landscaping nursery or statuary.

Pillows and/or a Yoga Mat

Sitting on a hard floor (especially if you have wood or tile floors) is not very comfortable and not conducive to meditation. After a few minutes your backside, hips and lower back may be in pain and then you have completely lost all hope of obtaining your zen (and forget nirvana--no zen, no way to get to nirvana). Reduce this distraction by using a yoga mat or several Turkish or Oriental pillows, and do not give in to the temptation of sitting on a over-padded chair or couch.

Remove All Electronics (Except for Those That Can Help You Meditate)

If the yogis, swarmas and monks do not need technology to meditate, neither do you. Put your phone down several rooms away, and put it on "silent". Your meditation space should be free of any electronics (i.e., no TV, no entertainment wall) except for a CD player when you want meditation music or a white noise machine that has several natural sound options on it.

Keep Furniture Really Simple and Low to the Floor

Finally, keep your furniture in this room really basic and simple. Only put what you absolutely need in this room, and make sure all of the furniture is low to the floor so you are not tempted to use it for anything other than your intended purposes. It helps to think of an Asian dining area, where there are low tables at which to eat and lots of pillows on which to sit, when you are removing furniture and putting new furniture in its place.