Thoughtful Souvenirs To Take Back From A Hawaiian Vacation

Posted on: 2 June 2016

For some, going to Hawaii is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Others may find that they love Hawaii so much that they decide to come back for every vacation. No matter your Hawaiian vacation schedule, it is always a good idea to bring Hawaiian souvenirs back with you from the islands. Here is a list of thoughtful and unusual souvenirs to bring back from the beautiful 50th state. 

Sand from each beach

Most people who go to Hawaii go to be on the beach. Given the mild weather every season of the year, being able to lay on the beach, surf, or swim is a great way to spend every day of a vacation. If you mainly lay around on the beach, try a new beach every day of your vacation. If you are only staying for a few days, you can try one beach location in the morning and another after dinner. Bring a mason jar with you to the beach to collect sand from each location. Be sure to label which sand comes from which beach on the outside of the mason jar. On the top of the sand, put a cute little Hawaiian figurine or beach scene. 

Yards of floral fabric

Nothing is more attributed to Hawaii than Hawaiian shirts. Loud, floral colored shirts are a part of being on the Hawaiian islands. If you enjoy clothing or if you make clothing yourself, purchase yards of Hawaiian fabric from the island. This way, instead of taking back a shirt, you can get a custom piece of clothing made for family and friends that they will wear. This also means that you don't have to spend most of your vacation finding souvenirs to take back. 

Islands scented perfume and cologne

One of the best ways to instantly relive a vacation and the feelings that the vacation gave you is through your sense of smell. Smelling a familiar scent of the Hawaiian islands will take you back to the time that you spent on the beach, near the mountains, and in the downtown scene with mixtures of Hawaiian foods and shops. Find a perfume scent that takes you back to vacation. Some of the signature scents of the islands may include plumeria flowers, the smell of the salty ocean, and pineapple fruits that are indigenous to the islands. This cologne can make you and your loved ones feel like it is a mini vacation each time you put it on. 

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