Keep These Safety Considerations In Mind When Shopping For A Costume For Your Child

Posted on: 5 July 2016

Dressing your child in a costume, either for Halloween celebrations, formal photos or just for fun at a family get-together can create some special moments for your family — and some cute photos that you can enjoy throughout the years ahead. When you shop for a costume, you might either be exclusively selecting the outfit or seeking feedback from your child, depending on his or her age. Either way, it's vitally important that you make sure that the costume is safe. Reputable retailers will only sell costumes that are deemed safe for children, but it's necessary to always keep an eye on the child when he or she is wearing the outfit. Here are some considerations.


Even if you make sure that the costume fits your child properly when you put it on, it can shift over time or your child might even pull at it. The result can be material ending up over the child's eyes, which could put him or her at risk of stumbling, bumping into something or simply getting anxious in the dark. Make sure that when you buy the costume, it will fit your child snugly. This will minimize the degree to which the outfit can shift and impede the child's visibility.


You want your child to be as mobile as possible in his or her infant costume, especially if the child is just starting to crawl or walk. As such, make sure that the costume is conducive to the child's mobility. For example, if the child is a competent crawler, select a costume that doesn't have any hanging elements that the child could kneel on and get tripped up. The mobility factor is especially important if the child will be wearing the costume for a long period. In the case of getting dressed for a photo shoot, however, mobility isn't as much of a concern.


When you're shopping for a costume, try to find something that is open around the mouth. Not only will this allow the child to breathe more easily, but he or she won't be tempted to chew any piece of costume that is within range. Rubber elements, for example, might be tempting for the child to chew like a pacifier, but you don't want one of them to break off and potentially get lodged in the child's mouth or throat. This is another reason to shop with a reputable retailer — all the elements on the costume will be securely affixed so that even if they're chewed, they won't come off.