4 Budget-Friendly Ideas For Decorating Your Child's Bedroom

Posted on: 27 July 2016

Finding low-cost options for your child's bedroom interior decor does not have to be a challenge. There are plenty of ways to transform inexpensive household goods into decorative pieces that will delight your child and playmates visiting his or her room. Here are 4 budget-friendly ideas to get you started:

1. Turn Cheap Picture Frames into a Showcase for Your Child's Artwork

Buy inexpensive photo frames in various sizes and colorful designs. Now you can frame your child's artwork and display them in a gallery showcase on his or her bedroom wall. You might also want to create a collage of drawings by choosing a multi-opening frame to place them in. Some collage frames feature three openings, while others offer five, six or more enclosures for individual pictures.

2. Buy a Cheap Hanging Swing Chair For a Playful Approach

Jazz up your child's bedroom or playroom with a swing chair that you can purchase cheaply. These sets often come complete with the necessary hardware and accessories such as ceiling hooks, carabiner and an inflatable air pump. Swing chairs make great decorative accents and a fun activity for your child. Check the weight capacity to be sure it can support the weight of your child.

If you prefer to build your own cheap indoor swing chair, buy an inexpensive wooden plank at your local lumbar yard. The plank should be wide enough to accommodate your child's seating. You might want to spray paint the plank for a colorful look. Drill holes in the plank for attaching thick rope for the swing. You'll also need to obtain a heavy duty swing hanger with ball bearing for smooth movement. This hardware will be drilled to the ceiling, allowing the attached rope and swing to move securely.

3. Glue Carpet Remnants Together for a Homemade Rug

Here's a fun idea for cheap decor in your child's room. Scout your local carpet stores and warehouses for carpet remnants sold cheap. If possible, choose several pieces in different colors and textures. You might want to trim them with a utility knife to a desired shape or size. Using an inexpensive glue gun, apply a dab of hot glue to the carpet scraps to firmly seal the pieces together. Allow the glue to dry, then lay it down on the floor and you've got a cute and colorful rug for your child's room.

4. Spruce Up the Walls With Inexpensive Wall Decals

Wall decals are an inexpensive way to decorate your child's bedroom. Choose colorful and whimsical designs or create a mural-effect with one extra-large wall decal.

There are many other ways to decorate your child's room cheaply, so let your imagination fly. Remember to let your child in on the planning process, too.