Transform Your Yard Into A Serene Sanctuary This Weekend!

Posted on: 4 August 2016

Spend the weekend turning your outdoor space into a peaceful, serene sanctuary for relaxing, meditating, or lounging with family and friends. It doesn't have to cost a fortune to transform your green space into a place that you look forward to spending time in, and that restores your energy, spirit, and soul.

Some ways to set the mood in your backyard sanctuary include:

The right lighting. To set the right mood in your outdoor space, look for some hanging candle lanterns. These are a way to inexpensively illuminate your yard, and when filled with flameless votives or tea-lights, these are a safe alternative to candles. Suspend your lanterns from a patio, porch, or tree branches to bring a soft, warm light to your sanctuary. You can find hanging candle lanterns for sale online or in boutiques.

Somewhere to sit. Choose comfort over appearance when it comes to seating in your outdoor sanctuary. Go with fluffy pillows, comfy cushions, and weather-resilient furnishings to provide you and your guests with the perfect place to sit. Use colors that you enjoy and that make you feel calm and serene, whether that be shades of blue, green, or whatever you prefer.

A place to meditate. Set up an altar or place to sit and meditate in your sanctuary. Consider statues, religious icons, or simple possessions that bring a feeling of serenity and peace to your space. Surround the altar with yoga mats, pillows, or cushions for sitting and resting after a long day.

A little life. Breathe some life into your sanctuary with potted plants, floral arrangements, or even a small aquarium. Consider bordering your space with container gardens, such as troughs of greens, herbs, and edible flowers, for a living element and fresh produce all season long.

A water element. The sound of a water fountain can be very tranquil and relaxing. Look for battery-operated, tabletop styles that you can use outside, and that will provide a pleasant backdrop for your meditation and contemplation.

A little protection. If you don't want to get caught in the rain, invest in something that will give you a bit of protection if the weather turns foul. If you don't have an awning or pergola over your sanctuary, consider a simple canvas umbrella that can be used quickly for shelter and to protect the belongings in your space.

Make this the weekend that you do something monumental with your outdoor space--without spending resources on construction or major landscaping changes. Try these tips to turn a simple area in your yard or garden into a place that you feel relaxed and calm in. Transform your green space into a serene, soulful sanctuary!