How To Turn Flower Bouquets Into Creative Gifts

Posted on: 12 August 2016

If a loved one's birthday or other special event is quickly approaching and you don't know what to get him or her, or if you don't have time to put much thought into the gift, transform an ordinary bouquet of flowers into a one-of-a-kind present. Start by going to your local florist and picking out a bouquet full of blooms, such as stargazer lilies, roses, lilacs or hyacinths, that you know the celebrant loves.

Even if you're on a tight budget, you can still put together a thoughtful bouquet using the gift recipient's favorite color as inspiration. For instance, you can choose yellow daisies, pink carnations or purple hydrangeas, which are all typically less expensive than roses or lilies. Once you have the perfect bouquet, you can give it a personal touch.

Here are a few ideas for transforming flowers into a unique gift:

1. Ribbons

If you've just picked up the bouquet from the florist but don't have the time or money to put it in a fancy vase, wrap the stems with a ribbon for a charming, romantic look. Choose a ribbon in the recipient's favorite color or a hue that matches the special occasion, such as school colors for a graduation gift.

Simply gather the stems together tightly, and tie a pretty satin or grosgrain ribbon into a bow around them. If you'd like to wrap the stems completely with the ribbon, start at the top and wind it around until you reach the bottom. Secure the top and bottom of the ribbon with florist pins. 

2. Decorated Vases

You can customize a basic clear glass vase in a matter of minutes. As one idea, fill the bottom of the vase with small objects, such as colorful glass gems or seashells, as a decorative touch. Again, use colors or items that reflect the recipient's interests and tastes.

Gluing small gems or other embellishments to the vase is another option. Pick the decor up with tweezers, put dabs of hot glue on the backs of them, and them press them onto the vase. You can add a touch of glamour with flat-backed clear rhinestones or crystals. 

3. Paper Bags 

For a sweet, simple rustic look, place the flower bouquet into a small vase, and then place it into a paper lunch bag. Fold the top of the bag down if it's too tall. Tie a piece of yarn or twine into a bow around the top of the bag for a handmade vibe. This would work especially well with a bouquet of summer wildflowers. 

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