Clever Ways to Camouflage the Extension Cords in Your Home

Posted on: 17 August 2016

When you hook up your televisions, phones, and cable boxes, the cords and wires can be an eyesore. Instead of trying to stick them behind furnishings or under flooring where they may become a jumbled mess or a fall hazard, try some clever ideas to camouflage the extension cords in your home. Use the following tips and tactics to create something beautiful out of an otherwise frustrating eyesore that impacts the design of your room.

Here are some tricks to conceal extension cords around your home.

Adhere to the baseboards or millwork. Use the inherent features of your room to cleverly disguise and conceal the extension cords that you use for all of your electronics and devices. Pick up a roll of adhesive tape that you can cut or form to fit in thin strips to secure the cord to the baseboards, molding, or millwork that runs along the floors, walls, and ceilings of your room. Try to match the extension cord to the primary paint colors in your room to help obscure it from view.

Create a design on the nearest wall. Create something appealing on the wall above where you are using the extension cords and where you have your devices plugged in. Use adhesive tape or tacks to secure the cord in a silhouette-pattern of a scene on the wall. Accent the design as you wish with paint, trinkets, or fabric scraps, but be careful—don't pierce the cord with the tack, but gingerly use it as a guide to support the cord in place.

Make a clever concealment box. First, organize your cords using binder clips and labels to gather and identify each cord and what it goes to for ease later on. Then, repurpose a good-sized box, like a shoe-box, to accommodate the cords. Cut holes in the ends of the box where they can't be seen, and maneuver the cords inside; adorn or decorate the box so it looks attractive, and place it on or below your entertainment center discreetly.

Camouflage with some foliage. Invest in a floor plant to use to camouflage your extension cords; if you don't have a green-thumb, buy a silk or plastic plant instead. Carefully weave the cords through the foliage until the cords are concealed. Brown or green cords work well. Position the plant in front of your outlet in such a way that it is hidden from view.

Use these tips to camouflage and conceal the extension cords that lurk behind your TV, entertainment center, or desk. Talk with electronics retailers about products like cable-management boxes or cord adapters by Americord to help you organize and contain your cords, or use these suggestions as inspiration to come up with your own inventive ideas!