3 Ideas For Displaying An Indoor Water Fountain

Posted on: 14 September 2016

You probably know the benefits of a water fountain, especially when it comes to enjoying the tranquil sounds of the flowing water. Water fountains don't have to be just for your yard, though. You can enjoy the soothing sounds of water while indoors as well. Choose a fountain that goes with your décor, and create an eye-fetching tableau in one of your rooms.

Centerpiece of a Container Garden

One option is to create an indoor garden. Start by selecting an odd number of containers in different sizes but a similar theme. For example, they can be shades of the same color or all glazed pottery. Plant a focal point plant, such as elephant ears or a tall cactus, in the container that goes in the back. Choose a couple spiller plants, such as sweet potato vine or creeping Jenny, for the front pot. Place the fountain in between and surround it with potted filler plants. Home and Garden TV suggests plants such as coleus for foliage, marigold and diamond frost euphorbia for flowers, or toffee twist sedge as an ornamental grass. Experiment with colors and textures for a show stopping container garden.

Indoor Zen Garden

If you want to utilize your indoor water fountain for meditation or relaxation, consider creating an indoor Zen garden. The basics of a Zen garden feature the elements, specifically water and earth, mixed with manicured plant life. You could create a desktop Zen garden with miniature Bonsai plants and river rocks. Another option is to create a large-scale container garden. For this, place the Bonsai plants in separate containers and an odd number of large ornamental rocks in between. Either way, include a minimalist style water fountain in your tableau. Look for a fountain made of stone or featuring bamboo and metal. The placement of all the elements should create a tranquil feeling, so move the pieces around until you achieve that ambiance.

Spa Bathroom

You may think your bathroom already has enough water. However, unless you run your faucet into the bathtub, you won't get the soothing sound of water. Create a relaxing spa ambiance by adding an indoor fountain. The overall décor in your bathroom should be luxurious, preferably in neutral tones such as sand, beige, and white. Add a few lush plants and nestle a pretty water fountain between them. You could also install a wall-mount fountain similar to those found in a Turkish hammam, or steam room.

Use a beautiful indoor water fountain as a centerpiece of your décor.