Creating A Victorian Theme For Your Christmas Decor

Posted on: 8 November 2016

Creating a Christmas decor theme to match your vintage home is easy when you choose a Victorian theme. With the right touches, including unique Christmas ornaments and some festive flair, you can give your home an antique-inspired theme to bring a classic feel to your holidays. Use this guide as inspiration for your Victorian Christmas.

Flameless Christmas Tree Candles

One way to bring a vintage Victorian feel to your home is to trim the tree with flameless candles. While people used to use real candles before tree lights were created, they can pose a fire hazard. Opt instead for LED clip-on lights, which can be placed on the tips of your branches. If you still want a little more sparkle, string white lights close to the trunk of the tree for a subtle sparkle.

Designer Christmas Ornaments

You can find designer Christmas ornaments to match your Victorian theme. Spindle and globe shapes with etched embellishments can add a regal look to your tree. These ornaments are often decorated with tassels, crystals, and beads to give them a fancy finishing touch. Angel ornaments can also add to the Victorian theme. Consider choosing a single color scheme, such as ivory, silver, or gold, and decorate your tree only in those colors. You can also find larger versions of these ornaments, which can be hung by the chimney with care.

Vintage-Inspired Tree Skirts

Your tree skirt may not be seen once all the presents are underneath the tree, but the right skirt can add to your vintage Victorian theme. Opt for a velvet fabric for your tree, and consider a faux fur lining for a luxurious appearance. You can match the color to your ornaments, or you can opt for a deep burgundy or forest green. Try to match your Christmas stockings to the tree for a cohesive look across all your decorations.


While garland can be used for virtually any Christmas theme, it can add a particularly cozy look to your Victorian Christmas. Drape it along your fireplace mantel, and wrap it around staircase railings. You can even add garland to the kitchen by draping it at the top of your cabinets and around your kitchen island. Consider using the same type of clip-on candles you used on the tree to light the garland.

Visit your local antique shop for even more inspiration, and pick up a few antique decorations to give your Victorian Christmas an authentic look. With the right ornaments and decorations, you can create a decor theme right out of a Charles Dickens story.