Clever Framing Ideas For Your Favorite Pictures And Photos

Posted on: 5 January 2017

Make the most of your photos, pictures, and keepsakes by preserving them in high-quality frames. Consider some fun ways to bring style and flair to your simplest frames, and some ideas for creating themed arrangements and groupings to accent your home's spaces.

Some cute and clever ideas for your favorite photos and mementos include:

Professional framing. For a special keepsake, invest in a high-quality customized framing for one-of-a-kind photos. Have the picture matted to appear larger and use for a focal point that you will cherish and treasure.

Baby gifts. Visit online crafting sites to find jewelry making supplies and use baby beads to spell out a name or message. Hot- glue the beads to the top, bottom, or sides of the frame to welcome a new arrival and present the proud parents with a thoughtful gift.

Country-themed accents. Give your frames a country flair with some simple and homey embellishments. Add bold-colored buttons to two opposite corners of the frame and secure with hot-glue. Another idea is to use lengths of twine or raffia to make a rustic bow.

Mirrored wall. Make your photos stand out on a wall by adding some mirrored tile to the background. Space the tile so that each photo is reflected and accented by the mirrored surfaces. These mirrored tile can be found in crafting supply stores widely.

Pet pictures. If you have any four-legged family members, dedicate a wall or photo arrangement to them! Create dog paw art using your pet's own pawprint, frame each one, and display in a grouping. Hot-glue a dog-bone that has been spritzed with a little spray-varnish or lacquer to the top center of the frame to finish.

Beach memories. If you long to lounge on a sandy beach, or if you want to preserve the memories from a waterfront vacation, give your frames a beach-inspired touch with some streaky white acrylic paint. Mix your paint with water to create the streaky, bleached effect that exudes a beachy-vibe. Glue shells, starfish, or other beach treasures to the corners of the frame, if you wish.

Visit professional framers like Hoosier Highlander and retailers to discuss ways to highlight and showcase your favorite photos or pictures. Use these ideas as inspiration to create clever groupings and unique focal points throughout your home, while sharing your most prized photos and memories with those who visit. Enjoy coming up with new ideas, compositions, and embellishments to make your framed artwork something special.