3 Vintage American Coins With Unique Shapes

Posted on: 29 June 2023

When you picture a coin, a circular shape will typically come to mind. However, not all coins produced over the years were circular in shape. As you build your collection of vintage coins, you could find yourself buying American rare coins that include a wide range of unique shapes.

While the US mint has not created crazy shapes like a triangle, there are some unusual entries that you could collect and put on display as part of your collection. Check out three of the options and know what to look for the next time you find yourself buying American coins.

1.  $50 U.S. Assay Gold Slug

The gold rush of the 1800s created a lot of opportunities to turn gold into money, and that's exactly what happened in the mid-1800s. The U.S. Assay gold piece was known as a "slug" and valued at $50 at the time it was pressed. The coin itself features a unique octagonal shape with eight edges around the whole coin.

The center of the coin features an eagle. Unlike a majority of other coins, the back of the slug doesn't feature a design but does have small rivets patterned in a circular motion.

2. Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin

Dollar coins have never really caught on, but the US mint continued to try and replace the one-dollar bill with a coin. One of these attempts came in 1979 with the release of the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin. While the very outer edges of the coin feature a rounded circle, the inner part of the coin features an odd 11-sided inlet shape.

The coin was only produced for two years, making it a rare keepsake. Vending machine manufacturers were not fans of the coin as the size was almost identical to the quarter. The unique visual of the eleven-sided shape makes the coin a nice keepsake and display piece.

3. The National Baseball Hall of Fame Domed Silver Dollar

In an effort to celebrate the anniversary of the Baseball Hall of Fame, the US mint decided to create a curved coin design they have never done before. The domed design is supposed to replicate the natural curve of a baseball and features a baseball design on the curved side.

While most coins sit flat, the curved coins offer a unique look that you could display in a number of different ways. You could lay the coin down flat to fully visualize the curved design. Along with the silver dollar piece, limited edition pieces were also released in a gold design.

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