Bath Towels - How To Maintain Them Over The Years

Posted on: 1 May 2023

If you have a really nice set of towels for your bathroom, you probably want them to last for as long as possible. They can if you just take the opportunity to perform the following maintenance steps at the appropriate intervals.

Wash Towels Separately From Clothes 

One of the best ways to keep bath towels clean is to wash them using a washing machine. You just need to make sure you wash them separately from other clothing items. Otherwise, you could have colors from clothes bleed into these towels and then take away their beautiful aesthetics.  

Separate loads for towels and clothing will also keep your bathroom towels feeling soft for a long time as well. It may take you a little more time to do laundry, but this simple step will make it easy to prolong the lifespan of your bath towels.

Hire a Professional When Difficult Stains Develop

After using the same bath towels over the years, there might be some difficult stains that develop. For instance, you may wipe makeup off into the towels on accident and then have trouble getting the makeup to come out. In this case, you should hire a professional.

Find a professional cleaner that deals specifically with bathroom towels. They should have products that can alleviate the tough stains quickly, without causing damage to your bath towels. Some cleaners can come out to your home too, so you don't have to go anywhere to remove difficult towel stains.

Air Dry Towels if They Feature Sensitive Materials

If you have bath towels that are made from sensitive materials, then you should probably air dry them after you send them through the wash. This will be much gentler on your towels as a whole, helping you preserve fiber strength. 

You'll just need to get some type of rack solution that lets you hang up multiple towels at the same time. Then you'll just need to give them time to fully dry before putting them back in the bathroom. Such a simple step can prolong the lifespan of your bath towels by several years.

If you have bathroom towels that you don't want to replace any time soon, then it's important to find out what things you can do for their maintenance. Things like washing and drying in a strategic manner can do wonders for your towels' longevity. Then the same set may end up lasting for years.

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